Let me introduce myself.  My name is Shadan Kapri (pronounced Shadawn Capri).  This is a blog about my journey to get back into shape and train for a triathlon, but it’s also about focusing on the positive, going outside my comfort zone, fulfilling a dream, and finding and cultivating my authentic self! 

It’s easy to be a couch potato.  It’s easy to get in a comfort zone and stay there, but in the process life passes you by.  SO I’ve decided to do something crazy!  (No, not Britney Spears crazy, no cars will be hurt in this experiment with an umbrella).  I’ve decided to put myself out there understanding that I may fail, get injuried, and make a fool of myself.  In reality, isn’t that what makes life interesting? 

Even if I fail, at least I tried.  BUT I won’t fail.  Even if it takes me longer than I suspected.  I will do a triathlon.  Carpe Diem!

Welcome to My Journey in living my best life possible!  I hope this inspires you to do the same!



Journal Entry #1

So I’ve recruited (or they have recruited me depending on who you ask) two fabulous friends to come on this journey with me.  Jamie Henneman and Sophia Aldous will be also training for a triathlon and together we will conquer this (and have lots of fun while we do it!)  I couldn’t ask for better girls to take this journey with me! 

Let the fun begin!

Now if we could only get Desaray to join us.  Since she lives in Maui that might be a bit difficult.  Maybe we can work our way up to the Maui Triathlon.  Did you hear that Dez? 


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. I had no idea! So excited for you and looking very forward to following your journey! I always thought I would participate in a tri in my 40’s , but got the new hip instead. I will live this dream vicariously through you. Wishing all three of you a great journey and an amazing destination!

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