Enter Song Title Here…

There is a new song out there by Kelly Clarkson that has become all the rage.  It’s also a great song to listen to when training for a triathlon.  ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller’….The truth is that the song applies to training and life in general.  It’s the toughest experiences and the people who hurt us most that make us stronger.  In a way, the pain becomes an unexpected gift.  A gift that shows us what we are really made out of.

If you haven’t seen the video….let me share.

Now go out there and train!  And be grateful for all the experiences.  The hard ones can be life changing, if we’re willing to learn…


And it goes on….

Happy Xmas, Merry Hanukkah, Happy New Year (and Happy any-other-holiday-I-missed-today)

Ok, all fun aside.  It has been a hectic holiday season!  My training has hit the back burner but I am here to tell you that – the training goes on……Your probably wondering.  Where has she been???  To be honest, I’ve been here all along.  Xmas is an exhausting time, with all the shopping (and I really don’t like shopping) it’s amazing that people come out of it with their sanity intact.  (For those who love shopping, bless you, it’s becoming a contact sport nowadays). 

I am back at work and today, on my lunch break, I have a work-out session with my friend Sophia.  We are planning to hit the elliptical running (granted that is not possible but you get the drift).  We are going to get into shape and find the humor in trying to work out while it is freezing out there.  Yes, I said freezing.  It finally snowed.  We have had a pretty barren winter up here in Washingtonville….  Shocking for those who have lived up here. 

However, the training goes on and as one person so famously said……it’s not over until it’s over.

Carpe Diem!

I’m Back!

As my brother likes to say, “I”m baaaaaack.”  Yes, I know.  You have missed me.  😉  All joking aside.  It’s been a pretty hectic time.  I will leave the personal information aside but I will tell you that I am glad it’s OVER.  Now I can concentrate on other things…   

Yes, I’m still busy, but it’s not crazy busy.  Just sorta busy.  So with the weather getting colder I need to hit the elipitical machine again!  🙂  The one up side to working out is that the gym I attend is full of inspirational posters with insightful sayings.  I have to admit that is a fringe benefit.  Where else can you get inspired and lose weight?

Lots of love and stay warm.


Today was Tough

Today was one of those days.  I went for a run after work and realized – OMG I’m not a runner!!!  You are probably thinking “you just realized that NOW?”  No, I have known it for a while but it’s been two weeks since I went for a run so I sort of fell off my running stride.  You see the last two weeks were busy.  Exhibit 1 – three (3) appellate briefs in two weeks + trial  (just sitting through a trial is exhausting much less participating in one) + my normal docket + 12 file backlog that I HAD to look over and process. 

I have to say the trial was fun especially talking to the jury afterwards.  The three appellate briefs were exhausting and the normal docket, well, I tried to fly through that one (literally).  The dilemma is that those two weeks totally got in the way of my training and now I am fully realizing how much work (ie how much it takes) to be a triathlete.  I am going to need prayers, divine intervention, and A PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wise brother would always say that a ship doesn’t get to the harbor without a plan and he’s right.  Every great idea or project needs a *plan*.  I need to plan out my next 12 months of training but I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  I am not a triathlete.  I am aspiring to be an triathlete.  Heck, I am aspiring to go for a 15 minute run without thinking my lungs are going to collapse.  I think I am going to need to break down and get professional help to train for this.  How else am I going to be able to do this?  I need a plan and maybe a personal trainer is just the right person to help me create this plan.  If anything, he/she will know more about this endeavor than me.  What do I have to lose? 

P.S. Divine intervention, prayers, and encouragement is appreciated.  This is going to be tougher than I thought (but still fun….fingerscrossed). 

Carpe Diem!

Time to RE-FOCUS

Ok, people I think you know what I am about to say.  Whenever a new endeavor has started there is a surge of excitement.  Think vacation, new diet, new car etc etc.  Then once that surge has subsided the reality steps in.  Hmmm I actually have to STAY on the diet?  This vacation is costing me WHAT?  Oh, and my favorite.  Did I really need a NEW CAR?  My insurance just went through the ROOF.   

I digress yet stay with me.  The principle is just the same.  At first, the idea of training for a triathlon brings a surge of excitement.  Think new challenge excitement.  Starting a new goal excitement.  Getting married excitement (granted I have never gotten married but I hear people are excited in the beginning.  😉   But then the reality sets in.  Yes, I actually have to work at this EVERY DAY and just thinking about it isn’t considered actually training for it.  (I can imagine my brother nodding his head after reading this.) 

SO, I am re-focusing my energies.  Re-affirming my goals, and telling myself that putting in blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish a task has more glory than just committing to it.   Now for all you overachievers who are reading my blog (yes YOU).  You all know who you are.  I am saying this because the same thing happened when I started law school.  It seemed like such a great idea until I realized what a big committment it was.  And well, we all know how that ended.  With me praying that the bar exam would be over and I could still have my sanity in place.  As luck would have it, that actually happened!  Now I hope I will be just as lucky!

P.S.  My new motto is re-focus, re-charge, and re-energize to find results!

P.P.S.  If you are still reading this, thanks for making it to the end.  If you are my brother, I expected you to read to the end.  Cheers!!!

P.P.P.S.  Get back to work people!


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Shadan Kapri (pronounced Shadawn Capri).  This is a blog about my journey to get back into shape and train for a triathlon, but it’s also about focusing on the positive, going outside my comfort zone, fulfilling a dream, and finding and cultivating my authentic self! 

It’s easy to be a couch potato.  It’s easy to get in a comfort zone and stay there, but in the process life passes you by.  SO I’ve decided to do something crazy!  (No, not Britney Spears crazy, no cars will be hurt in this experiment with an umbrella).  I’ve decided to put myself out there understanding that I may fail, get injuried, and make a fool of myself.  In reality, isn’t that what makes life interesting? 

Even if I fail, at least I tried.  BUT I won’t fail.  Even if it takes me longer than I suspected.  I will do a triathlon.  Carpe Diem!

Welcome to My Journey in living my best life possible!  I hope this inspires you to do the same!



Journal Entry #1

So I’ve recruited (or they have recruited me depending on who you ask) two fabulous friends to come on this journey with me.  Jamie Henneman and Sophia Aldous will be also training for a triathlon and together we will conquer this (and have lots of fun while we do it!)  I couldn’t ask for better girls to take this journey with me! 

Let the fun begin!

Now if we could only get Desaray to join us.  Since she lives in Maui that might be a bit difficult.  Maybe we can work our way up to the Maui Triathlon.  Did you hear that Dez?